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Case Studies


Specialized Industry Company Seeking Incremental Bank Debt

  • Specialized industry requires lenders who provide bank debt using non-standard terms

  • Incremental Bank Debt can come from legacy and/or additional providers

  • SCA positions the Company in the best light so banks understand both the significant opportunities as well as the risks

  • SCA assists company management in negotiating best market terms, pricing and fees


Middle Market Company Seeking Junior Capital to Support Rapid Growth

  • A family-owned company has a large identified growth opportunity that can’t be supported by additional bank debt and the family has already invested significant equity in the business

  • SCA reviews and advises on the financial model and presentation material to effectively position the Company and meaningful opportunity

  • SCA identifies numerous junior capital providers who invest in the industry, geography and size of the Company

  • SCA works with Company management to execute the process and close the capital raise


Sell-Side M&A / Majority Equity Capital Raise

  • Lower middle-market Company in a unique industry that is below the radar and interest level of larger investment banking firms

  • SCA develops the process, identifies interested acquirers (strategics, private equity firms and family offices) and assists Company management in execution through closing

  • SCA teams-up with larger investment banking firms as appropriate


Start-up Company Seeking Seed or Growth Capital

  • Company founder more product/service and operationally focused than experienced in capital raising

  • SCA assists in preparation of pitch deck and marketing materials to effectively communicate the Company’s capabilities and significant upside

  • SCA provides introductions to Angel and Venture Capital groups that focus on the specific industry, geography and market opportunity